My children claim that the best restaurant in the world is our house. A year or so ago my kids requested that I actually compile recipes for them to take into their future, not-living-with-mum lives. Highly flattering? Yes. Completely going against the grain of my cooking style? Yes as well. I’ve never been good at following recipes let alone writing them down properly for others not to. I’m very much a ‘bit of this’ and ‘a dash of that’ preparer of food but since that day I’ve thought about it long and hard and eventually ended up here, at wordpress.com so that the sprogs and I together might share in the pain fun that is meticulously pulling apart a significant political, philosophical & creative force in our lives: food.

Don’t expect to see recipes in every post. I’ve always maintained that eating well is more than cooking well and cooking well is more than having well-stocked shelves. Much of my cooking experience was borne of necessity, not necessarily a desire for artful food, though I’ve learned that artful food can come out of such need. That said, I refuse to dismiss food as a matter for philosophical inquiry and feel that really good food is a balance of science, art and mindfulness. I daresay that might come out in the entries.


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