they grow up so fast

So the sprogs have decided to try their hand at some of the cooking responsibilities around here. It works out well as far as scheduling goes; every Wednesday one of them visits their father & the other stays home & vice versa. Reigning them in as far as scope goes is another story – they want to create meals off the cuff like the adults do. Which is fair, but not necessarily conducive to the sense of accomplishment I feel they should have in taking on such responsibilities. It’s taken a little negotiation but I’ve talked them into simpler meals that they know go over well for their first few attempts.

Last night was the daughter’s night home & this is what she decided to create:

A basic sandwich with a little oomph. I often make this with leftover roast beef but this week we had leftover turkey. The focaccia is homemade by the daughter (I did proof the yeast before she got home in the interest of timing but she did everything else,) the veggies she roasted on her own & she also put together the horseradish mayo. The only times I intervened were to prompt her to get some of her prep work done at certain junctures (like while the dough was rising) rather than scrambling to time everything in the last few minutes before serving & to give little lessons on tools usage (such as providing one’s self the most stable surfaces whilst cutting the vegetables & the bread) & effective clean-up-while-you-work strategies.

It’s been an interesting exercise for all of us. I get to see just how much they’ve picked up through observing us in the kitchen (& was very impressed that the daughter remembered to brush the bread with a little olive oil halfway through cooking & asked questions when she found herself doing things automatically without knowing why she was doing them – not bad for a 10 year old, eh?) & relinquish the kitchen control stick to their capable hands. They get to feel like they’ve got some say in the way we eat, get out of table setting duty & get their creations posted on the internet.

So far we’re onto a winner with this, me thinks.


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