Mama loves her manhattans

I’ve started this post a few times and each one seemed to become more long-winded than the one prior. Lesson learned is that it’s difficult to write about something so close to one’s heart, something a girl could feel so passionate about. So I’ll keep this v. 18.5 of my manhattan recipe short and sweet.

Without further ado, let me introduce to my three good friends; Martini Rosse, Danfield’s Private Reserve Rye Whiskey and Angostura’s (brilliant) Bitters.

They are the special ingredients in this favourite cocktail o’ mine. Next, meet Mr. Jigger:

I love my jigger almost as much as I love my manhattans. His two parts complete the whole. They’re essential to the overall balance.

Okay…here’s the recipe:

2 ice cubes

1.5 ounces Danfield’s

1 ounce Martini Rosso

6 shakes from the little bottle o’ bitters

Served in my favourite manhattan glass; a repurposed bottle of Maria’s mole sauce. Dunno what it is but there’s something about getting a noseful of manhattany vapours before reaching in to taste it which makes this glass perfect.


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